Davy's Silver Pin- Wet Fly Pattern

Davy Wottons' Whitetail Muddler Daddy- Wet Fly Pattern

Will Haus, Trophy White River Brown with Davy Wotton using Wet flies

Will Haus with Trophy White River Brown Using Davy Wottons' Wet Fly Techniques

Will Haus, who had recently obtained a copy of Davy’s Wet Fly Ways DVD, convinced his dad, Tom to make a trip to the White River and booked a guided trip with Davy. The objective was to learn more about the techniques of wet fly fishing.

Fortunatley, both the water and weather conditions were in their favor which allowed for Davy to fish them with both techiques applied from a drifting boat and wade fishing.
Will, was a great student learned the subtle ways of fishing combinations of different wet fly patterns to suit the water and conditions using dry and intermediate fly lines, long leaders, fishing dead drift methods, slow contiuous retrives, and also how to work droppers to induce fish to rise. These techniques resulted in Wills’ first White River Trophy Brown that exploded from the depths to engulf the Davy Wotton Muddlerdaddy from the surface. Two days of great fishing for Will with way over 100 fish landed, what more can you say, a fly fishing trip that father and son will both remember.