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Winter is the perfect time for a gathering of fly fishing families to gather.

The Annual Oklahoma Fly Fishers Extravaganza has been an event that Davy and I have enjoyed participating in for three consecutive years.

If you are in the area, come by and see us at our table; we will be tying and have items available for purchase.

Additionally there will be other vendors, tyers and guest speakers scheduled throughout the day.

The information for this can be found on this flyer.

See you there!






Davy and I are on our way to Louisiana.
We are happy to be returning to the North Louisiana Fly Fishers Club.

For more information on this club or tomorrows event click on the link below:


Keep a hook in the vise,


For additional details contact Oklahoma Fly Fishers direct, please. Thank you, TBird

We had a wonderful time at this event last year and are pleased to be making a return this year also.

Chairs were packed and standing room only. A terrific turn out indeed, with terrific food to boot!!!

See you in January!

Davy and TBird

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