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18, 000 cfs generation is not every bodies cup of tea.
When it comes to fishing the White River, granted fishing high, fast water is not quite the same as the lower flows. We fish for risers taking caddis, mayfly and midges.
Nevertheless it’s what you have to deal with when the dates are booked, which was the case when my regulars- Ed, Jim, Bob, Ted and Saxon arriving for their regular fall fishing trips with me.

That is not to say the fishing is worthless, far from it.
What it requires is intimate knowledge of the river so far as where the fish will likely be found and given the zone you are fishing; what is going to be your best option.

Some days it may be a large dry that induces a trophy Brown to show up, maybe a streamer at times, or deep water nymph tactics, not to mention traditional style wet fly, which for myself is always a good bet.

Contrary to belief neither is fishing rigs with large gaudy flies or heavy weight the only game in town. 
Each section of the river may require a different approach. 
Granted a good choice is to fish close to banks, but not always. Mid-stream shallows over gravel bars and rock structure will likely hold fish, as will slow water run offs from fast water seams.
Fishing over grass and moss beds may also be productive at times.
Fact is fish will tend to move around during high water flows.
Even better, high water flows are good for the Rainbows to add some weight.

Generally at this time of the year the Browns have packed on weight in readiness for the spawn season and may not be as aggressive as they were earlier in the year.
Often as not the females are heavy with eggs and are less likely to have interest in larger food sources. It is at such times that smaller flies will better the larger patterns, which was certainly the case for my fisherman.
Racking up between them some impressive numbers of Bows, Browns and Cutthroats, some of which are included in the pictures shown.






By the way two of the larger Browns were caught fishing DW style wet fly tactics, size 12 hook flies !!!


(Posted by Teresa “TBird” VanWinkle)


Davy – On The Job


Davy working hard with Ed and Ted to make another memorable trip this year.

Davy taking care of details as Ed and Ted apply the flies to the fish.

For many years now Ed Garner has made multiple trips annually to the White River to fish with Davy.

Here Ed is joined by his friend, Ted of Louisiana.  Camped out for the past several days Ed and Ted are joined at the campsite with a group of guys we deem the “Boeing” guys. (Most of them now retired, were employed or associated with Boeing in St. Louis previously.)

At least once a year and sometimes twice, the group makes a trek to fish, camp and enjoy terrific fellowship together as well as cozy up to warm campfires in the evening with Davy and I.

You may also make note that Davy is sporting a new boat- it is gorgeous!
Those who have been lucky enough to have fished out of it so far have commented on how sleek and roomy that the layout is for them. 
One day I hope to survey this environment for myself. Did that sound like a hint or a whine? 
Well, for now I am happy to take an I.O.U as there is a reservation list that doesn’t allow for a pleasure cruise in the near future.

The weather forecast is looking to be seasonable for the coming week which is welcome news for guides and fisherman alike.

Looking forward to a year of return fishers and meeting the new ones as well.
Til then-

Keep a hook in the vise!


(Photo courtesy of Scott Branyan)

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