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Winter is the perfect time for a gathering of fly fishing families to gather.

The Annual Oklahoma Fly Fishers Extravaganza has been an event that Davy and I have enjoyed participating in for three consecutive years.

If you are in the area, come by and see us at our table; we will be tying and have items available for purchase.

Additionally there will be other vendors, tyers and guest speakers scheduled throughout the day.

The information for this can be found on this flyer.

See you there!






No day here at the Wotton farm is ever dull or boring and certainly not the same day in and day out–don’t believe me? Well, just ask about anyone who has spent more than a day with us.

I planned to spend today at the vise, it being Mother’s Day (a holiday) and I figured to get lots done. That’s my thinking.

Davy was sleeping in, 8:45 am house phone rings, a voice that I know well says, “Hello, Teresa- I wanted to give you a heads up that I will be there in about 30 minutes. Can’t wait to see you two. Bye.” Dave Whitlock!!


Left, Dave Whitlock with Davy Wotton and one of the newly hatched little doves. May 10th, 2015

Friends for too many years to count stretching to the days of Davy living in Wales.

If you ever wondered if we all brainstorm and discuss our work when we are together, the answer is absolutely. We discuss it over coffee, over lunch,  


My Mother's Day lunch buds- the two DW's. By the Bluegill pond in the backyard! May 10th, 2015 photo by TBird

while opening Christmas gifts; you get the picture. But as the younger one, sitting on the sidelines- let me just say, “best seat in the house!”
Before me sits a wealth of knowledge and history from around the workd, and it leaves me in awe every time.

Mother Nature with her graces allowed us to also video a bit for YouTube on the subject of fluorescence which I will be posting a link to in the days to come.
Flourescence in tying and fishing is a topic that seems to come up frequently from the public to both Dave and Davy. I took advantage of having them both together to get a demonstration for you all.

To Ms. Em, Davy and I missed you and look forward to the four of us getting together.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mother’s and to all our Mr. Mom’s too!!

Keep a hook in the vise-


Please share with anyone that you believe to be of interest in this event.

For as long as I have been aware this event has been held in March, but has had to be changed for the 2016 venue.
April can be quite busy with tourism accommodation so start getting your reservation made if you plan to attend.


TBird tying a Spider st Sowbug Roundup 2015. Photo by Kevin Piper, Baxter Bulletin newspaper.



From Sowbug Roundup Committee:

Bad news / good news.
The only available dates for 2016 for Sowbug were in either February or April.
We chose the April date.
While we were making those changes, we confirmed the next five years! 

Please pass the word to anyone who might not catch this message. A lot of people made reservations at motels and campgrounds based on the dates we had given them. 

The new dates are:
2016 – April 14,15,16
2017 – March 23, 24, 25     
2018 – March 22, 23, 24.    
2019 – March 28, 29, 30
2020 – March 26, 27, 28

If anyone needs local help in changing reservations, would be happy to help.

To contact: E-mail: sowbug@northarkansasflyfisher.org


Davy and I are counting down the days to the Annual Sowbug Roundup.
Yes, we will have a booth.
Yes, we will have Dvd’s,and flies also.
Davy will be giving a program on Saturday.
We looking forward to seeing everyone there.

2015 Sowbug Roundup will be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 26th to the 28th at the Baxter County Fairgrounds in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The show opens at 9:00 am and the admission is $5.00 for everything, for all three days. For up to date information check out the Sowbug Roundup web site.
Location – Baxter County Fairgrounds Mountain Home, Arkansas
Hours- 9 am to 4 pm Thusday, Friday, & Saturday
Admission – Adults $5.00 All 3 Days  Children under 12 free with parent

For more information on program presenters and fly tyers list go to:

Travel safe and we will see you in a few days.

Keep a hook in the vise,



Davy Wotton and long time friend, Kelly Galloup at Dally's Ozark Fly Fishers annual Streamer Love Fest last night in Cotter, Arkansas. (Photo courtesy of TBird.)


Selfie op here- TBird and Kelly Galloup at Dally's Streamer Love Fest. TBird photo.


Streamer Love Fest 2015 was a personal complete success from an attendee perspective. Kudos to the efforts by all involved! Well done!

Davy reminisces with Jim and Brenda Duggan (above photo) over some artistic drawings of well known Legends of Fly Fishing.

Although this event held annually is a celebration of the technique of streamer flies and fishing streamers, it appeared to me that it could have been an abbreviated version of Who’s Who of Fly Fishing.

One thing for sure, right there under the roof of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fishers last night there was no shortage of decades of experience in the art of fly fishing and fly tying.

Everyone seems to eventually settle into a style and technique in the world of fly fishing and tying, just one of the aspects in my opinion that makes this sport especially unique. The other being that it truly can be enjoyed by all ages, without regard to gender.

I had such a terrific time and wish that I had took more pictures but got so busy visiting with all who gathered; a spectacular precursor to the areas next annual event, Sowbug Roundup 2015!
Many conversations last night included plans to attend the Sowbug event. As time gets a bit closer I will be posting information and a reminder for you.

In closing, besides Superbowl 49 today, Bull Shoals trophy zone also opens. Be sure to check the regulations for fishing zones and if you are unsure, stop in at Dally’s for newest copy (or many other locations) or go online to: http://www.agfc.com for up to date regulation changes- 2015 Arkansas Game and Fish Trout Fishing Guidebook.
Ignorance will get you a fine!


We take violations on our trout serious here in Arkansas.

Our Game and Fish Field Officers are invaluable to the conservation of our rivers and the aquatic inhabitants who thrive in the White and Norfork Rivers, hats off and a huge thanks to all of them.

You too can protect our resources while on our rivers by calling the Stop Poaching Hotline open 24/7: a Toll free number 800-482-9262. Put this number in your phone contacts before you head to the river.

Keep a hook in the vise,


Recap: A couple of weeks ago we unloaded our tying tables in a downpour at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fishers to film a tying video with Brian and Jenn Wise as well as Steve Dally.

We posted a “heads up” and promised a viewing for you when released- it is hot off the reel just this morning.

Part 1 features me, “TBird”. (It doesn’t look as weird to me as I feared.)
Although I have 14 years of fly tying under my belt and 8 years as Davy Wotton’s personal fly tyer and understudy, until today I had never seen myself tying, and had never been video-ed; kudos to the video crew for getting behind those nails, I am sure it was a challenge for them.

Now I have no idea why people asked “how do you tie with those nails?” Looks normal to me!

Have a look for yourself to see what my “normal” is.
TBird Video Tying Debut

Hope you enjoy.
Keep a hook in the vise-



Tied by Teresa "TBird" Van Winkle the Davy Wotton Signature Red Whitetail Midge

(Posted on June 11th, 2014)


Oklahoma Fly Fishers are Holding their Annual Fly Tying Extravaganza. We hope you will stop by our table and say Hello. Davy and TBird

Oklahoma Fly Fishers are Holding their Annual Fly Tying Extravaganza.
We hope you will stop by our table and say Hello.
Davy and TBird


Davy Wotton- CO August 17th, 2012- TBird Photo

To say the least summer this year has been a hot one, and not at all comfortable at times out there on the river; saying that  fortunately, we have had reasonable generation schedules that have kept water temperatures suitable for the trout, all be it on lower water days the heat of  the day warming the water has slowed the action down.

Best optional times for fishing have been early morning to early afternoon periods unless you were close  to the dam where water temps have been lower.
During low water trout will seek deeper water pools and agitated water zones such as shoals and riffles, these are the zones to concentrate your fishing activity.
Due to the hot climatic conditions the sulphur and PMD hatches have been much lower than normal, this being so best options have been fishing close to the river bed with combinations of midge, sowbugs, scuds  and other generic nymph patterns. Hoppers and ants have also at times worked well.
As we move into the last of the hot summer days and move into the cooler nights we will see a few changes out there on the  river.
Browns have started to move upstream to the chosen spawning zones, which gives us good opportunities to nail a good one, for at  this time browns tend to become more aggressive and territorial.
During day time low water these fish are likely to be spooky so caution is needed to get close. 
You may well be able to locate fish and sight fish. Best options will be to set up with a long leader system to 5 x, couple that with nymphs, midge, sowbugs and  scuds as good choices. Hoppers and ants may also promote some interest.
At this time of the year streamer fishing during the night time hours may also be  productive, you just got to get out there and fish, you never know.
If there are low levels of generated water this creates a better overall fishing situation as moving water tends to  increase the trout’s interest to feed, once again all the above methods are good  options through the entire river system.
Flies of choice will include white tail and prism  midges in black, red, pearl and silver. Sowbugs in gray/gray olive and tan same colors also for scuds.
Prism and San Juan worms, gold ribbed hares ear, prince  nymph, pheasant tails. If you are fishing a midge hatch then you will need midge  pupa, midge emergers and dries in sizes 18 to 24.
Soft hackles also fished in riffle water and fished  dead drift as a dropper in combination with a nymph have been working real well  recently, partridge and orange, hares ear, badger and silver, black and silver  spider to name a few.
If there is a good generation flow then this may be  the time to work the banks with hoppers and ants, standard muddler minnows have  also done well fished greased up as a dry cast to the bank and given a few  twitches.
Wet fly fishing as of now is also a good option. If fish are inclined to rise to the surface then a dry line is preferred, if not a  intermediate or slow sink being best.
Likewise day time streamer fishing with olive/tan/orange woolly buggers using a sink tip line cast across stream and  fished back will also promote takes. Both the above methods can be fished either  wade fishing and working downstream or boat drift and cast to the  bank’s.
Midge fishing.
I recently filmed a new DVD shortly to be released  related to midge fishing, titled Midge Magic. As many of you know midges are a  important food source for the trout in the AR tailwaters, and for many not an easy situation to deal with, particularly when the fish are taking the emergers in near on flat slow moving water.
Either way the way to deal with this situation is to fish long leaders, fine tippets and very small flies,  and never let the trout know you are there. You must present you flies with zero drag free drifts  to start with and be able to know a fish has taken the fly, the new DVD will  show you many ways to deal with midge feeding fish.
For many the standard approach is to use indicator set up with a zebra style midge and that will work well at times, but  not always. Once fished have wised up to your presence and continual vision of your flies your odds are way less. Either move to a new location, give the water a good rest or change what you are doing, no point to continue to cast away with no results.
Ok guys, looking forward to the fall which is on  one of my personal favorite times out there on the rivers.
Tight lines all.

Davy’s hat on dash of the dodge as we drive thru Kansas- although we have been back from CO for a few days and Davy is back guiding on the White River here in AR, his beloved Rio hat still bears his flies from the trip! Beautimous!!! TBird Photo

SLF Trans Caddis Emerger Pupa

Davy Wotton SLF Trans Caddis Emerger Pupa- Tied By: TBird

While Davy has been catching up on the farm and property this winter, I am tying in anticipation of the orders for the Spring hatch.

Last year Davy had me demonstrate the SLF Trans Caddis Emerger Pupa for the Sowbug Round-up…needless to say some of the fly fishers who attended and purchased one of the patterns from me took it to the river…wasn’t long before I had fisherman coming in to the sowbug to find me at the vise and wait to buy these little gems as they had seen the proving results of the others who put them to the fish in the river.

The winter is supposed to be a vacation by most for the guide life- I can tell you, that is a myth. and, for the professional fly tyer it can be a headache trying to anticipate in advance what patterns will be ordered by your local fly shops, guides, and yes, the individual fly fishers who occassionaly shows up at the door step as they are on the way to the river then decides to stop and see what you have that his fly box might not!

Even for me the winter days can give a case of the blues or cabin fever. Safe to say, I too am just like all the rest, it is easier to spend more time at the vise, to pass the hours and be most productive when the days are nasty, cold and wet outside.

I hold my breath for a short winter just like the rest of you, looking forward to the warmth, soaking up the sun, the smell of the clean air after the spring showers- however a long winter as for my work orders is probably needed- Hang in there everyone.

I suggest that you also take a trip to the local fly shop and buy some new lines, flies and even new tying materials; trust me, it helps the mental attitude to go check out the new 2012 fly fishing stuff!
While you are in the fly shops ask if they have a “Wish Book” and take the time to help out the family to know better how to shop for you in the next coming year ahead, for all the gifts you would like to get on those special occassions to come. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but, tell them I sent you…at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fishers or Wishes and Fishes, for example- uh, don’t bother to call and tell me what they say if you do! Ha. 🙂

There are those die-hard fishers who have to be out there year round; if you aren’t yourself willing to stand on the water these days- tie now so you will be ready when it comes time to use those flies!!! Throw out the old battered and rusted flies, replace them and re-organize the fly boxes!
Don’t forget to winterize your equipment and clean them for the spring fishing also, this too eases the “winter blues!”

Keep a hook in the vise!

Teresa “TBird” VanWinkle

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