Fly of the Month May 2016



Thread…Red UTC
Hook… Your choice, l used size 14 jig hooks. Sizes from 12 /14/16
Bead…Optional, size 2mm color of choice.
Tail…..2 or 3 strands of peacock sword tail fibers
Body…Your choice either silver, gold or pearl mylar
Rib……Red wire
Thorax…SLF Prism number 22 Hares ear // or number 21 peacock.
Hackle…Any varigated hen in brown tones or hen pheasant neck or brown

One of my patterns that is a good general fish catcher, Browns love it !!

Fished either as a dead drift under a indicator of dry or used as a single
or in combination with a team of soft hackles or wet flies.

If in combination this fly should be the tail fly, not the dropper which should
be tied as a detached tag.

Insructions to tie the fly:

Add bead if needed.
Run thread from midway hook shank to just before hook bend, there catch in the sword tail fibers and the red wire rib.
Return thread toward hook eye trapping down in line with the hook shank the wire rib.
About 1/3 back from the hook eye catch in the body mylar, wind this in even close turns to the hook bend and back to the thread, secure with 3 wraps and rib the body, secure rib and cut off all surplus body and rib material.
Dub on the SLF Thorax of Hare’s Ear or Peacock. Select and wind about 2 to 3
turns of the chosen hackle, varnish head and you are done.