Last week Davy and I sat under some really hot lights for the making of a tying video filmed by Brian and Jen Wise as well as Steve Dally.
The collaboration of video and still photos will be released soon by Steve in the near future.

Here’s a sneak peak from behind the scenes:


Brian getting Davy set to go. (Steve Dally looking on.) May 30th 2014 TBird photo


These lights are very warm! Davy Wotton with Brian Wise at Dally's Ozark Fly Fishers in Cotter, AR - TBird photo May 30th, 2014


TBird's video tying debut - nervous? Yes! Davy Wotton photo May 30th, 2014

Davy an old hand at this “environment” was very comfortable, but not so much for me.

Although I tie flies for commercial sale; this was my first official filming.
I will have the chance to see for myself how it looks to the rest of the world…I must admit that I am pretty excited to see this- and it might make more sense to me why the number one question I am asked is not about fly application but rather “how do you tie with those nails?

As soon as the video is produced and we recieve the okay from Steve we will throw up a link for it!

Davy and I would like to say a big thank you for this opportunity to work with Dally’s Fly Shop and the enjoyable experience of filming with the Wises’- a terrific evening!

For now, Happy Friday! AND…

Keep a hook in the vise!

Teresa “TBird” Van Winkle